Loaded weapon found in a student’s backpack

School officials say a loaded weapon was found in a student’s backpack at St. Paul’s Harding High School.

The student had brought the backpack in class, but he had “no intention of using the gun,” Superintendent Valeria Silva said in an afternoon press conference.

Silva says the staff and parents have all been notified of the incident.

The incident follows a number of fights at two other high schools. A recent brawl involving around 50 students outside Como High School towards the end of September resulted in nine students being disciplined. The police had to use mace to end the fight.

“It’s a pretty sad day as the superintendent of St. Paul public schools to be standing here and talking about issues of violence,” Saint Paul public school superintendent Valeria Silva said.

“We have systems in place and we found the gun and there was no intention of using it. We are working extremely closely with the police department,” she added.

At Central High School last Tuesday morning, a police officer had to use a taser on a student who apparently has said that he was going to conquer the world.

“The principal pushed, literally pushed the staff to go home,” Silva said. “We want our staff to feel safe and sometimes, emotionally, they’re not there.”

“Our kids are needier they come from families that are suffering, whether financially or for other reasons.” Mary Mackbee, Central High School, principal said. “There’s just a lot of chaos in the world.”

“If you see a fight, this is not a show. Just back away and keep doing what you need to do,” Silva said. “Unfortunately when those groups are big it is because they love to watch.”

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