Suspicious Backpack: harmless or a real threat?

rttsrSomeone at the Minot Air Force Base found a suspicious backpack that could be a threat to many.

Officials of the Air Force Base told the news that they’re taking necessary precautions like closing the main gate of the base to protect their people, facilities and equipment after the discovery of the backpack at the 5th Medical Group around 9:30 a.m.

Base Public Affairs Officer Lt. Kylee Ashton said in an interview, “We have operation Eagle Eyes. It’s basically for anyone to call in anything suspicious. We got the notification. Security forces arrived on scene,” adding that they determined that they needed the explosive ordinance disposal team.

He stated that the EOD team got on site, cleared it and everything was good to go.

The main gate reopened after two hours and the clinic returned to normal operations while the officials were having ongoing investigation with someone in their custody.

The officials in the North Dakota Base were good and fast at solving this scary threat. They assured every civilian and officer that the backpack contained no explosives.

Well, that’s good to know. As seeing unattended bakcpacks, even if harmless, can create wide-spread panic. Good thing that the Air Force Base are vigilant enough to pay attention and take it seriously.

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