A Facebook Reunion – Backpacker Reunited With His Long-Lost Camera


Once again, social media has proven its power when it comes to connecting people. Or, in this case, when it comes to reuniting a long-lost object to its owner.

22-year-old Jersey Backpacker Chris Hesford, had lost his camera which contains two months worth of photos from his around-the-world once-in-life-time trip while kayaking in Byron Bay, New South Wales a couple months ago.

Chris thought he’d lost his beloved GoPro camera forever.

Destiny didn’t agree with him.

That’s because months later, a Gold Coast local Steve Carmody found the camera. It turned up in a riverbed 60 miles (97km) away – with its 32GB memory card very much intact. Knowing the photos the camera had captured are important to the owner, Steve decided that a social media campaign was in order. Its goal? Reunite the camera with its owner.

A Facebook post by Steve reads: “If we can track down this bloke I have 32 GB of precious memories to be returned.”

Images of Chris’s travels – which include visiting famous places like the Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House and Grand Canyon – posted on Steve’s account together with his status.

8000 Facebook shares and Australian TV coverage later, the goal was achieved.

A very shocked Chris was informed by friends who saw the pictures and was finally able to get his camera back together with photographic souvenirs.

“I’m still in shock,” Chris was quoted as saying to ABC Gold Coast. “It took me about a few hours to really comprehend that that was my face up there on the other side of the world.”

A very grateful Chris offers to buy his camera rescuer a drink if ever he finds himself in London.

As for Steve, he was just happy to be an instrument to re-unite the long-lost ‘buddies.’ “It’s very cool. It just goes to show the power of social media,” he says.

All’s well that ends well. Now if only Chris can hang on to his camera the next time he goes kayaking….

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