Backpacking horrors: Israeli backpackers recall devastating Nepal earthquake


A massive earthquake rocked Nepal recently and the Israeli backpackers that survived the devastating disaster traded stories of their narrow escapes.

If you must know, Nepal is a popular destination for young Israeli tourists on post-army treks across South Asia.

Roee Dormea and Eli Amar, both 23, were still missing as of Sunday afternoon. According to Ben Ami Zilber, a family friend, the pair were either traveling on the Langtang Trek on the Tibetan border or were on what Israelis call the Frozen Lakes Trek, located nearby.

“It is kind of vague for us, so we don’t know exactly where they are,” he said. “We are waiting and hoping for the best.”

It was reported that about 2,000 Israelis, some of them backpackers, are believed to be in Nepal. Some of the stranded Israeli backpackers gather at the Chabad center in Kathmandu.

Sadly, about 200 Israelis had not made contact with officials or relatives. Those who have been in contact have reported only minor injuries.

Desperate Israelis have taken to the internet in their search, posting photos and contact information on a new Facebook page called Nepal Earthquake Updates and Finding Israelis.

It was such a heartbreaking and devastating event. May the unaccounted for Israeli backpackers be found and be reached by their families and friends soon.

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