British Backpacker confirmed dead in Nepal quake

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Matthew Carapiet, a 23-year-old architecture student and backpacker from Bearsted, Kent died after that 7.8-magnitude Earthquake had rocked Nepal.

He was last seen near Langtang Village, a popular trekking destination which was totally engulfed by the destructive avalanche and landslide that followed after the fatal quake hit the country.

According to reports, the village was home to 435 people and 55 hotels and guest houses, but just one house remained following the killer quake.

The Carapiet family already released a statement, through the Foreign Office, regarding their son’s death in Nepal earthquake tragedy. According to his family, Carapiet, who was in an Asian tour on his gap year, had been trekking in Nepal for two weeks before the earthquake.

Sadly, the late Briton could not continue his architecture studies in the autumn as had been planned before he went backpacking in Nepal.

With their son’s untimely death, the family were asking for some privacy as they really needed time to grieve over the loss of Matthew.

The confirmation of Mr. Carapiet’s death came as the government revealed that almost 100 more British Army Gurkhas have arrived in Nepal to help with the relief effort.

“Their focus will be on providing support to the villages of serving and veteran Gurkhas and their families. They are expected to stay there for about three months,” said the Ministry of Defence.

United Nations estimated that over a quarter of Nepal’s 28 million population has been affected by the deadly earthquake, with the continued aftershocks that are really alarming.

Accidents really happen everywhere, anytime and sad to say, even a happy trek could turn into a nightmare especially when a thief-like earthquake strikes again. At this very painful moment, the bereaved family of Carapiet and those of 8,000 victims certainly need not only everyone’s moral support but also financial help.

Also, let’s aid the backpackers’ families to overcome the tremendous trauma brought about by their loved ones’ passion to travel which resulted to death.


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