Juror claims Australian serial killer had an accomplice

uhiugIt’s been decades, yet it’s still too horrible and painful to remember the serial killer Ivan Milat who butchered and buried the bodies of seven young backpackers between 1989 and 1992 in the Belanglo State Forest in southern New South Wales.

Milat’s victims were Australians James Gibson and Deborah Everist, Simone Schimidi, British backpacker Joanne Walters, and German backpackers and couple Gabor Neugebauer and Anja Habschied.

Many years after that horrendous killing spree of Milat, the pain brought to the families of the serial killer’s victims has not yet been totally subdued. Just recently, an unidentified juror who helped convict Ivan Milat for the gruesome murder of seven young backpackers has come forward with claims that the serial killer had an accomplice.

The juror believed that the Australian killer did not act alone. He told The Daily Telegraph, “I would have said there was a very strong possibility someone else was involved.”

The public could still remember that Milat’s own lawyer, John Marsden, pointed the finger at the killer’s sister, Shirley Soire, whom Milat had shared a house at the time of his arrest.

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