Prosecutors’ appeal: Longer prison term for Dutch backpacker’s rapist

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How could someone be a sadistic rapist? This is the question we often ask when we hear such horrifying tales of abduction, torture and sexual abuse.

Certainly, this news could give us ill-feeling especially if the sentence given to him is not enough for the vile act he has done. Does he deserve more? Prosecutors say “yes”!

The 17-year prison sentence given to Alfio Anthony Granata who held a 21-year-old Dutch backpacker hostage in a Melbourne hotel room for six weeks seemed to be “manifestly inadequate.”

It’s remembered that the 47-year-old Granata was sentenced to 17-year-prison term, with a 13-year non-parole period, in May after pleading guilty to charges including rape, making threats to kill and intentionally causing serious injury to the young Dutch tourist that left the woman with 54 separate injuries back in 2012.

However, the verdict doesn’t seem to be enough to Victoria’s acting Director of Public Prosecutions Gavin Silbert QC who filed documents in the Court of Appeal on Thursday to appeal for a higher sentence. The prosecution’s appeal will be considered at a later date.

Why appeal for an increased jail term? Well, this is because the ruling given to Granata wasn’t enough to compensate for the woman’s anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder which she all acquired after her 2012 ordeal brought by the rapist’s brutality.

Remember, the Dutch backpacker was repeatedly beaten unconscious and violently raped by the sadistic Granata at the Rydges Bell City hotel in Preston, in Melbourne’s north. A notable cross was also carved into her forehead by Granata using a knife.

In fact, the court was told that the woman only managed to escape from him after attempting suicide. She even told the court that she now lived in a “black hole of pain and sorrow” and her life had been destroyed by that nightmare.

It’s really a sad and very tragic experience on the Dutch backpacker’s part and it is just right to appeal for Granata’s longer jail term.

What he has done to the young lady dehumanized her and rendered her little more than an object to serve his wickedness and sexual gratification. Another decade (or two) of sentence given to Granata will speak justice for the woman. After all, he ruined the life of that Dutch backpacker and an increase sentence would just make it fair and right.

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