What happened after a backpacker left a romantic note for a stranger she saw at the beach?


Romance was definitely in the air when Scottish backpacker Sarah Milne spotted a handsome stranger running with his Labradoodle dog at a beach in Picton, New Zealand.

Sarah wasted no time and determined not to let him slip through her fingers, she immediately made a hand-painted poster describing the mystery man and inviting him to meet her on the same beach.

The sign actually read, “On the off chance you are single, remember who I am and would like to meet for a drink/coffee/walk, I’ll be sitting on the grass watching the sea from 1 to 1.30pm onwards on Tuesday…Maybe you’ll run past again!?!”

How romantic, right?

Predictably, the poster attracted attention online and everybody started speculating what will happen next.

Of course, the sign didn’t just garner attention online but also among locals in the town. Television crews were even on the scene to record the couple’s first meeting. William Scott Chalmers did show up with a bottle of wine and an invitation to go somewhere away from the limelight.

William even joked that Sarah could have asked for his number when she saw him. But then, where’s the fun in that?

The pair ended up spending the day together and even had dinner at a local restaurant. Afterwards, they headed back to his place to meet up and party with his friends. The romantic encounter was extended the next day as Sarah even cooked breakfast for William.

Now the question is this, will something wonderful blossom after this? Or will it be nothing but an unforgettable day for the two of them? In the spirit of happy endings, as Sarah had put in her sign, let’s hope it will be the former.

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