You won’t believe this! Backpackers in Australia harassed for visas

farmingSexual favors in exchange of visa extension? This might sound shocking for many, but it’s really happening in the Land Down Under.

Would you believe that there are working backpackers who are being manipulated by their employers to perform sexual acts just to extend their visas? What a shame for those Australian employers who take advantage of these backpackers.

According to Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Kevin Cocks, there have been a dozen of cases of farm employers forcing some foreign travelers, who are looking for temporary work, into performing sexual acts in the Lockyer Valley alone over the past 18 months. Based on the Australian Immigration Law, backpackers who come to the Land Down Under on a one-year Working Holiday Visa (417) need to undertake at least three months of work in regional or rural areas to be qualified for a second year.

Unfortunately, some farm owners are withholding the signing of visa applications so they could harass their foreign employees for sexual gratification, Cocks told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. However, the said incidents are seldom reported to police because foreign workers have culturally based qualms of authorities or fear they’ll be deported, the commissioner added. This news alarms the other foreign communities because some dodgy Australian farmers are really taking advantage of their employees’ need for visa extension.

The government must do something to stop this terrible act, so that backpackers will be secured while they’re on their Working Holiday Visa. Just like what Cocks has said, local communities in Queensland could also play an important role by building good relations with backpackers and helping them when they are badly mistreated by Australians.

Imagine the trauma that the female travelers will experience once their employers exploit them? Dealing with sexual harassment shouldn’t be their plight in a foreign country like Australia. Their travel and stay there must be meaningful and worth-remembering, not the other way around. I really hope that the discovery of this shameful act will be dealt with and turn out to have a better outcome.

Hopefully, there won’t be any complaints of such criminal deeds in the future. To Australian farm owners, stop harassing foreign women for visa sign-offs. They don’t deserve to be harassed nor do they deserve to be maltreated.

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