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Top Flashpacking Hostels

  Whether you class ‘flashpackers’ as tech-savvy backpackers, high-flyers on a career break, or independent travelers wishing to see the world in style, they have all led to the same thing – the unstoppable rise of the ’boutique hostel’, where private rooms, …

Faster Flashpacking News: Twitter and Tumblelogs

The distribution of information online is getting faster, shorter, more immediate. Introducing Twitter and Tumblr counterparts of The Tux in the Backpack. The Twitter phenomenon is getting extremely popular due to the immediateness of information shared. Blog posts can take quite some …
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Europe Top 10 Boutique Hostels: Reflections

Here are the reflections on the recently published list of Europe Top 10 Boutique Hostels. Flashpacking phenomenon growing and East of Europe (Poland especially) as the new place to be. The first thing to notice is that more and more hostels are …