7 Great Flashpackers Blogs

As many new visitors are familiarising themselves with the concept of Flashpacking, and as the buzz keeps growing on the internet, with more and more websites, stories and blogs, I’d like to provide a little guide on Flashpackers blogs out there.

These are not blogs about Flashpacking, like the Tux In Backpack here, but rather the stories of these Flashpackers around the world. They’ll save you time from searching online and separate the fresh and relevant stories from the wannabe Flashpackers, and most importantly they will give up a good idea of what it is like to be a Flashpacker around the world.

Here are the (in no particular order) 7 Great Flashpackers Blogs out there. Enjoy!

Entertaining tales from various destinations, combined with excellent tips. Bennet The Flashpacker will observe what happens around him, investigate and study more about it, and finally share the learnings with the audience in excellent posts. The very last one about bedbugs is an example. Memorable the post on creating your own flash environment despite all kind of conditions around you, , also reviewed here under . Truly Flashpacking at its best: not simply money or gadgets, but style!

If the Flashpacking phenomenon is getting so popular is also thanks to this excellent blog. Curtis was recently interviewed by CanadianPress, and the result was a huge attention to his travels and to the Flashpacking phenomenon. From that interview and original article sprung dozens of press articles, from Canadian press mainly. Curtis is also thinking of writing a . A true Flashpacking ambassador.

Change a letter in FlashpackingLife and you have FlashpackingWife, from Lindsie, Curtis’ wife. Beautifully complements the stories in Flashpackinglife, adding of course the more feminine wife’s point of view. A pink approach to Flashpacking.

Probably the blog that started the bigg buzz around Flashpacking as far as back in 2006. When Lee Gimpel was travelling independently through India he was carrying with him a whole load of tech gadgets and accessories. His travelling style was very similar to Backpacking though, so Flashpacking was the closest the huge found to define it. I believe style rather than tech gadgets is what defines Flashpacking; nevertheless Passing Through India is a pillar within Flashpackers blogs.

The International Women of Mayhem don’t backpack. An hilarious blog about two girls flashpacking around the world. Particularly important to mention are the Mayhem rules. Like the “There are no calories at altitude” or “Tasting tours are not considered drinking – they are educational”. Highly entertaining.

The title already explains how the two ways of travelling are not that different after all, and that the one doesn’t exclude the other. You can be a Backpacker but every now and then choose to relax in a nice hotel for a change (and a treat), or go for a nice accommodation because is as cheap as a dorm in another country. Or on the other side you can be a Flashpacker deciding to stay in the cheapest hostel available to save some money for later on or because prices are particularly expensive in that place. Mattis does indeed that. His huge passion for travelling brought him to save and save while he was working. He’s now enjoying Flashpacking/Backpacking around Africa mainly for the moment; the rest is on his blog together with nice sections of resources used and travelling gear.

Despite the blog name the travel style is definitely Flashpacking. Just look at the pics and you’ll see some nice restaurants. And the Asus Eee PC, which is really becoming the Flashpacker laptop choice of excellence. Contributed to put Flashpacking in the spotlight in India thanks to a nice article on Mumbai’s Mid Day newspaper. Maybe too much enphasis on gadgets, but still helping the cause!

There are few other promising blogs out there, but it’s a bit too early to put them in the top list. We’ll keep an eye on these fresh Flashpackers and of course keep you posted. As the phenomenon keeps growing maybe we’ll have a top 50 blogs list in 6 months time?

Meanwhile any major omission here? Do you think your blog should be here too? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments sections below.

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