A Flashpacking alternative to Bali

Bali photo

We often mentioned how you don’t necessarily need a big budget to go Flashpacking around the world, if you and where to find sweet alternatives to mass tourism destinations.

In this first post about Flashpacking Destinations we want to reveal a nice alternative to the famous and exotic dream destination Bali. Located just beside Bali, Lombok is often defined as an “unspoiled Bali”, or a “Bali 20 years ago”.

You can find there the same fantastic beaches, great culture (even more actually as in Bali the main religion is Hindu, while in Lombok you can visit Hindu temples but Muslim mosques as well) and nice Indonesian food (Lombok means actually chilly pepper in the local language, Sasak).

What you’re not likely to find in Lombok though are the mass of tourists that are in Bali and the expensive prices for accommodation and meals. That is if you don’t visit Lombok in July and August, when most of the tourists are there (and a good part of them coming for 2-3 days trips from Bali).

15 to 45 minutes by boat from Lombok you have the three Gili Islands,Which are the typical postcard picture Islands, with crystal clear waters ideal for snorkeling and diving and no cars or motorbikes (only means of transportation are bikes and cidomos, tiny horse-carriage).

The north part of Lombok instead is a bit hilly and cooler and you can enjoy stunning views of terrace rice fields and coffee plantations.

You can reach Lombok by plane or speedboat from Bali, or if you want to skip Bali altogether (the low cost sister company of Singapore Airlines) flies directly from Singapore and directly from Kuala Lumpur.


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