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Yes, I am on a career break, and yes I have a laptop with me. Doesn’t mean that’s the only way to Flashpack though. And no, I don’t carry a Tux while travelling, I just thought the pic would go well with the theme..

About Me

240174172_faceI’m Steven Talton, 22, born in the UK. I enjoy the outside countryside or a stroll along a beach. I love music – which always must be on – and I enjoy cooking for others. I love catching up with friends and family, cinema, playing sports, trying to keep fit! Always up for something new. Reading The Grapes of Wrath at the moment and I love Hamsun and Russian literature in general. I am reasonably driven and dream of running my own company and being a great dad.

About the Blog

While the provides updated but more static information like What is Flashpacking, or Who is the Flashpacker, this blog intends to provide useful tips to anyone who is Flashpacking around the world, planning to, or simply interested in Flashpacking. Being by nature more dinamic the Tux in the Backpack intends also to cath, contribute to, and further develop the latest discussions online about Flashpacking.

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