Check out the first modular musical keyboard you can put in your backpack


Are you a pianist or a piano enthusiast and a backpacker at the same time? Then, here’s some good news for you.

The first ever modular musical keyboard with full-sized LED keys is now here!

That’s right.

Keys, as the keyboard is called, is a portable musical keyboard you can fit in your backpack. A 24-key portable MIDI controller, the device features gesture control that is controlled with sensors and has PC and iPhone connectivity.

Keys is created by Opho, a San Francisco-based startup which is known for their successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 that saw the launch of their product gTar. The launch of the digital guitar was a huge success. That’s why they have high hopes that their second product, Keys, will be an even bigger one.

The portable device is not solely for experienced piano players though. If you’re a newbie, all you have to do is use an iPhone application and you’ll be able to learn how to play.

But the best part about it? The keyboard breaks down easily so the entire unit can fit in your backpack without any hassle. This is because Opho is looking to provide the public with an affordable and light weight product.

So whether you’re out with friends or going backpacking, you can easily bring your Keys with you.

So how about it? Want to buy Keys and try out the features for yourself?

Well, Keys is available for pre-order at $100 and expect it to be delivered into your doorstep come summer.

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