Flashpacking in Low Season: Ramadan

Low season often means less tourists around and cheaper prices, allowing the Flashpacker to pay good accommodations at sometimes even half price, and overall to have a better lifestyle spending a lot less. Low season often means also that it’s easier to get to know ans chat to the residents, who won’t be overwhelmed by hordes of tourists.

Good news is that low seasons vary throughout the year from destination to destination. And low season in many tropical places doesn’t mean no sunshine or miserable weather. In many locations in South East Asia for example, the rainy or wet season is not at all monsoon season, it simply involves having a refreshing one-hour thunderstorm in late afternoon.

And as we are now in September, how not to mention Ramadan? Many less-savvy tourist would avoid Muslim countries anyway, unaware that most people therecan be extremely friendly and tolerant. More good news; because of the apparent lack of activities, prices during Ramadan are slashed down. Non-tourist shop are indeed closed during the day, but that is not necessarily a problem if you have a beach where to lie down. Touristic joints would be open anyway, so you won’t starve during the day. And at night.. it’s a feast of Ramadan food markets.

Alcohol? Unless you go to a very strict Muslim nation many countries are very tolerant indeed, even when it comes to something so far from their culture. It’s never difficult to spot a local bar, usually frequented by expats and tourists. Probably not the best place to have a chat with a resident, but still you can have your booze without getting into trouble.

If you want to Flashpack then, saving money but not renouncing to a nice hotel room, Ramadan can be one of the best times to visit some tropical Muslim destinations.

A couple of examples? Indonesia and Malaysia are two predominantly Muslim and tropical countries, both blessed with gorgeous beaches. And during Ramadan the already cheap prices will be even lower, allowing the Flashpacker to afford even to stay in nice hotels for the price you’d pay in an hostel somewhere else.

As we mentioned already Lombok is a very good , and Langkawi (pics above), at the border between Thailand and Malaysia, is a great alternative to the superbusy (and more expensive) Phuket.


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