More Flashpackers Hostels offer Xbox and Playstation

In the old days the common area of hostels offered as “entertainment” are a telly, some board games, a couple of deck of cards and some old crappy book left by backpackers who wanted to travel a pound or two lighter. Things are changing lately as technology and Flashpackers change the concept of entertainment and that feeling of “being home” while travelling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my books and deck of cards while travelling, but if there’s something that make an old Flashpacker like me feel at home it’s an hour or two in front of a video game. As long as that doesn’t mean spending your time playing rather than exploring the place of course. It just reminds me of the times where after a day at the office (or any work place) you go home and while playing you have that comfy feeling of figuratively “taking your shoes off”.

Well a few hostels were ready to re-create that feeling offering free Xbox or Playstation for their guests. You might argue that the hardcore Flashpacker doesn’t need that as she/he will bring along a PSP (and with a too!), but we’re talking average Flashpackers here.

The trend apparently started with some funky minded hotels but now, thanks to the younger and more tech savvy customers, is spreading through hostels as well. Or at least Flashpackers Hostels.

Wherever you’re travelling you might be able to find one, from Medellin to Sydney, from Boston to Krakow.

And here’s just a few to get you started (more details available in brackets if not on official site).

, Medellin, Colombia ()

, Krakow, Poland (Playstation 2)

, Boston, USA ()

, San Jose, Costa Rica (Xbox)

, Dublin, Ireland
, Sydney, Australia ()

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