More light on the Flashpacker profile

In the maze of Flashpacking definitions found online is refreshing to read something that doesn’t define the Flashpacker simply as someone backpacking on a bigger budget or with tech gadgets. While exploring the relationship between Thailand and Flashpacking this post throws more light on the figure of the Flashpacker.

New elements appear, like for example the “fair trade” one: “Another inheritance from the backpacker ethos is a sense of responsibility, especially ‘fair trade’. Flashpackers tend to favor community operators and independent hotels over corporate chains.”

Moreover the Flashpacker is not only someone a bit older than a Flashpacker, but “often a veteran backpacker and very experience with independent travel”. That would explain how it is possible to Flashpack even if you don’t have a huge budget; the know-how, allowing you to book comfortable flights over bus rides and comfortable accommodations over dorms without spending much more. And speaking of which low-cost-no-frills airlines are mentioned as well as one of the main Flashpackers’ transportation.

Definitely one of the most objectives and complete profiles of a Flashpacker. , you never know, it might get you in the mood to Flashpack in Thailand!

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