What is your Flashpacking Laptop of choice?

A laptop is indeed one of the most important accessories for the Flashpacker.

First of all a good travel laptop allows the Flashpacker to keep in touch with friends and family, to stay up to date with news, and to maintain travel blogs, websites and social networking profiles updated. But most importantly a good laptop allows the Flashpacker to be a Flashpacker, finding online great deals on accommodations and transportation, and tips on off the beaten track destinations.

There are many laptops that are perfect for travelling due to their small size and light weight. Lately actually there’s a real explosion on the market of what are called netbooks or subnotebooks.

Some examples are the Vaio Pro 13 and the Acer S7. Many imitate an Apple netbook but so far the closest to an Apple truly portable laptop are the 13″ Macbook or the Macbook Air.

Of such a vital importance is a good travel laptop to the Flashpacker that I couldn’t simply tell you (like many articles about accessories and gadgets seems to do lately) what is the one that you need to bring with you on your travels, but rather ask the experienced Flashpackers out there:

What’s your ultimate travel laptop? And why?

You prefer a netbook with almost no memory or a classic one with plenty of functionality? Looking forward to hear your point of view in the Comments section below, and in order not to take advantage of my being the publisher I’ll express my opinion in the Comments section too.

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